Condition of use

§ 1. Parties to the transaction

1) “Planet of Mushroos” is an online shop located at the following addresses: (, which deals with mail-order sales of an assortment of goods useful in mycology.

2) The party that purchases product in “Planet of Mushroos” can be only an adult natural person, a legal person, or an organizational unit without legal personality, to which separate laws confer legal capacity, hereinafter referred to as the BUYER.

3) he party that sells the products in “Planet of Mushrooms” is the company UiTeH, wich is owner of this site, hereinafter referred to as the SHOP.

§ 2. The subject matter of transactions

1) The subject matter of transactions are the products presented on the website at the moment of placing an order, for example: autoclave bags, substrates, polypropylene containers, aquarium pumps, terrariums, spores of mushrooms, horse manure, wood chips, rye grain, perlit, vermikulite and so on…

2) The SHOP reserves the right to change the products being presented, including the right to recall some products.

3) The prices of all products and services given on the website are expressed in EUR, PLN and USD (currency selection option) and include VAT (gross prices). Costs of delivery are not included in the price.

§ 3. Order placing

1) Orders can be placed at the planet-of-mushrooms shop on the principles defined in these Regulations. By placing an order, BUYER accepts the terms and conditions of these Regulations.

2) The products presented on the website do not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 66 of the Civil Code.

3) Orders can be placed by completing adequate order forms on web pages of the “planet-of-mushrooms” shop, or by sending an order by e-mail or registered mail.

4) The SHOP confirms the receipt of each order. Confirmation takes place with the use of electronic mail on the day of receiving an order, however not later than within the next working day. Confirmation of order receipt binds the BUYER.

5) If it is not possible to confirm receipt of an order by phone or by e-mail, the SHOP reserves the right to cancel the order within 5 working days from the date of order receipt.

6) Acceptance of an order by the SHOP takes place by electronic mail within 1 working day from the date of order receipt confirmation. Upon acceptance of the order by the SHOP, a sale contract is entered into.

§ 4. Forms of payment

1) Payment for ordered goods can be made: by transfer to our account in mBank ? by a credit or payment card with the use of the PayPal, PayU, Dotpay, Western Union, Bitcoin.

§ 5. Execution of an order

1) Execution of an order starts after accepting the order. If a product is in stock, the SHOP will promptly inform the BUYER about this fact.

2) The order lead time is the time from the date of confirming the acceptance of an order by SHOP to the date of sending the goods to the BUYER.

3) The BUYER will be informed about the anticipated order lead time, when the SHOP accepts the order. The availability given at each product is a approximate order lead time, which may change depending on the current availability of the product at the supplier.

4) If a lack of goods in stock may cause extension of the order lead time, the BUYER may agree for the extension of the order lead time, choose other products with similar properties, or cancel a part of the ordered goods. If the BUYER agrees for extension of the order lead time, the BUYER has no right to make claims for redressing the damage.

5) If the BUYER does not agree for extension of the order lead time, the order shall be cancelled and the amount paid by the BUYER shall be returned.

6) All the products are sent to the BUYER immediately after making a prepayment. Certain products require some preparation, which extends the time of waiting for shipment. At a product description, there is given information about the time needed for preparing a shipment. We accept PayPal payments and bank transfers, PayU, Dotpay, Western Union, Bitcoin.

§ 6. Delivery

1) Delivery can be executed worldwide. On the day of releasing goods from the stock, the BUYER will be notified by e-mail.

2) The orders composed of several products with different lead times will be sent upon completing a whole order, i.e. after the lapse of the longest order lead time.

3) Approximate values of charges are calculated by the system and given upon placing an order.

4) Approximate values of the charges for shipments are presented in the table of charges. The charges for international shipments are determined each time by an employee of the Order Execution Department.

5) The charges for large-size shipments, which are composed of several pieces of the same product, are determined each time by an employee of the Order Execution Department, irrespective of the value of an order.

6) A possible change in the delivery standard, made by the BUYER already after shipment of goods from the warehouse, which consists in a change of the destination or time of delivery, may require additional costs charged to the BUYER.

7) The BUYER shall acknowledge receipt of a shipment from a courier.

8) The BUYER shall examine the condition of the shipment and check its content upon delivery. If packaging has any signs of damage, such as dents, sings of an attempt of opening, tearing or other, which can prove that the shipment is not intact, the BUYER shall prepare a damage report in the presence of a courier. If such a report is not prepared, there is a presumption that that the order was delivered in the intact state.

9) The time of delivery of a shipment may be extended for reasons beyond the control of the SHOP. If the delivery of a shipment is delayed, the BUYER should promptly notify the SHOP of this fact. The SHOP shall not be responsible for any delays in delivery of a shipment caused by delivery service companies.

§ 7. Complaints

1) The complaints concerning non-conformity of goods with the contract and damage to a shipment during transport should be reported by the BUYER to the complaint department at the address: shop(at)

2) The complaints concerning damage to the subject matter of an order during shipment will not be considered, if the BUYER has not prepared a damage report in the manner specified in § 6, subparagraph 10, of these Regulations. A condition for examining a complaint concerning receipt of damaged goods is preparation of ?Damage report? upon delivery in the presence of an employee of the delivery service company. The complaints concerning damage will not be considered, if the BUYER has not prepared a damage report in the manner specified in § 6, subparagraph 9 of these Regulations.

3) In accordance with the Act on protection of certain rights of consumers and liability for damage made by a hazardous product, dated 2 March 2000 (Journal of laws: Dz.U. of 2000 No 22 item 271), the BUYER shall have the right to withdraw from a sale contract without stating the reasons within 10 days of the date of delivery of the goods. The returned goods must be in undamaged, original manufacturer?s packaging, should be complete and must be without any traces of use.

4) The returned goods, together with a statement on withdrawal from the contract, should be sent to the address given by planet-of-mushrooms SHOP

5) If a complaint is approve and the goods are accepted for return, the selling price, reduced by possible costs referred to in subparagraphs 6, 7, 8 and 9, will be promptly returned (no later than within 7 days) by bank transfer to the account indicated by the BUYER.?

6) The BUYER shall protect the goods being sent back against damage. The BUYER shall be responsible for safe delivery of the returned goods. Return shipments should be sent exclusively via insured delivery service. The SHOP has the right to refuse acceptance of goods, if they were damaged during transport, regardless of the reason of such damage or, at its own discretion, the SHOP may reduce the selling price to be returned by the costs of the repair performed by authorized manufacturer service. If the goods are damaged during transport, the SHOP will prepare a damage report, which will provide a basis for a complaint of the BUYER towards the carrier.

7) The SHOP will accept return of products packed in gift boxes, if the original packaging was kept without any signs of damage, such as signs of an adhesive tape, scratches, and without damage to foamed polystyrene or other filling of the packaging, with a complete set of originally packed accessories, and with all documents.

8) If the goods to be returned have not original manufacturer packaging or the packaging is damaged to the extent that hinders further safe transport, or if the condition of the packaging decreases the commercial value of the goods, the SHOP shall reduce the selling price to be returned by the costs of new packaging, by no less than 40%.

9) If any accessories were included with the goods, and after unpacking they are not suitable for resale (e.g. scalpels, sterile-packed items, etc.), the amount to be returned will be reduced by the cost of new original accessories.

10) In accordance with the Act on protection of certain rights of consumers and liability for damage made by a hazardous product, dated 2 March 2000 (Journal of laws: Dz.U. of 2000 No 22 item 271), the BUYER shall have no right to withdraw from a contract entered into remotely in the case of services with the characteristics specified by the BUYER in the order placed by the BUYER or strictly connected with the BUYER. In particular, such services include orders for the products, which were modified in a specific manner according to BUYER?s request.

11) The defects existing in goods upon delivery to the BUYER can be a subject of a complaint. The damage occurred in consequence of BUYER?s intervention or a lack of care in handling that resulted in damaging the goods, repairs, and unauthorized modification or alternations are not subject to a complaint.

§ 8. Final provisions

1) The SHOP disclaims the liability resulting from possible mistakes in descriptions of products and reserves the possibility of differences in the appearance of products shown on the photos presented at,

2) The SHOP follows a procedure used for detecting and correcting possible mistakes in product descriptions and prices. If any doubts arise, the BUYER may contact the SHOP by electronic mail at the e-mail address of the shop shop(at) in order to explain such doubts.

3) The SHOP shall not lend any offered products for testing and the BUYER shall have no right to withdraw from the contract for this reason.

4) All the aforementioned products and names are used exclusively for identification purposes and they may be registered trademarks of respective owners.

5) By placing an order, the BUYER gives consent “Planet-of-mushrooms” for processing the personal data included in the order, in accordance with the Act dated 29 August 1997 (consolidated text of 17.06.2002, Journal of Laws: Dz. U. No 101, item 926). The BUYER has the right to review BUYER?s personal data and to delete them at any moment.

6) Entheogenic mushrooms’s spores, for example: Cubensis, Azurescens, Cyanescens we serve only for microscope observation and microbiologic research.

Our products are legal, but cultivation of this species is illegal in many countries. Please check your local regulations before ordering.

Ready kits (Cubensis Grow kits) are used only for observation under a microscope.

By buying this product (Cubensis Grow kit) you declare that you will not use this product to grow entheogenic mushrooms (Cubensis, Azurescens, Cyanescens etc.)

The shop shall not be responsible for misuse!

7) Our products are legal, but Cultivation of this species is illegal in many countries

Products from section “Sterilised substrates” are cooked to order and are non-refundable.

Lead time: approx. 2 weeks! The product is suitable only for cultivation of edible mushrooms!

8) Any disputes, which may arise between the Parties to the transaction, shall be resolved by the court of law competent for the registered office of the company wich is owner of this site.

9) The provisions of the Civil Code shall apply to the matters not regulated by this document.